Why Metal Tiles

Metal tile roofing does its best where the market demands reliable roofing in a range of styles at an affordable price. Lighter than concrete or clay tiles and easier to handle than long-run panels, it offers transport cost savings, is quick to install, and performs well in whatever extreme conditions nature throws at it. Change the profile and the stonechip coating to take advantage of a larger customer base.

Metal tiles an installer’s dream

Cheaper to transport, faster to install and better performing, the metal tile roof is an installer’s dream.

A house lot of metal tiles for your average home fits on a pallet and weighs 1/8-1/10 as much as its concrete equivalent.  It is not only the lighter weight that lowers transport costs.  Palletized transport means tiles can be taken direct from the factory to the building site, without use of expensive specialist carriers.

The installation process is a breeze too.  There is no lugging heavy tiles up ladders, or battling long sheets in a strong breeze.  Metal tiles typically come in easy-handle sheets about 1400mm x 450mm (50”x12”) that a roofer can carry without risk of injury.  These conveniently sized sheets also make for rapid installation.

A light roof makes all the difference in a quake

Nobody who has experienced an earthquake wants to be caught under a heavy concrete or clay tile roof.

Safety is not the only advantage of metal tile roofing in an earthquake.  The New Zealand region of Canterbury has been shaking since a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit on 4th September 2010.

Engineers studying the performance of houses in and around the quake’s epicentre concluded that houses with concrete tiled roofs appeared to suffer more structural damage than those with lightweight roofs, like metal tiles, due to the lower mass of the structures, giving “improved seismic performance”.

Protect yourself from Wildfires

A metal tile roof is made from non-combustible materials and carries a "Class A" fire rating, making it an ideal choice in areas prone to wildfires.

If you live in a wooded area with a high fire risk you may want the safety of a metal roof but be reluctant to lose the wooden shingle look.  Shake profile metal tiles from a Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions plant are an ideal alternative, offering a look in keeping with the environment without the flammability.

Style and design

  • Authentic design, with tile profiles to match traditional and modern architectural styles.
  • Suit your market, options include painted, decorative coil to replicate traditional roofing products or stonechip finish.
  • Variety of colour options.

Safety in the home and on the building site

  • Earthquake resistant.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Lower risk of installer injury.

Weather tight performance

  • Less likely to detach during high wind.
  • Less likely to leak during heavy rain.

Environmentally friendly

  • Requires less timber framing.
  • Lower weight means less fuel in transport.
  • Produce this product locally for lower carbon footprint.
  • Recyclable.

Cost effective

  • Save on transport.
  • Save on framing timber.
  • Save on installation time.

Quick to install

  • Transport on your trailer.
  • Super light to carry.


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